Tube Preamp VST Plugin

I have finally uploaded a very short summary of the results of my bachelor thesis. It can be found in the new Research section on the subpage Tube Preamp.

As mentioned before, the topic of the thesis was to develop a digital simulation of a tube preamp. Actually, the algorithm was implemented on a digital signal processor (DSP).  In addition to that, I have built a 32-bit VST plugin that uses exactly the same algorithm to emulate the preamp. This plugin is available for free. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

If someone is interested in reading the whole thesis (German only), just drop me an email and I’ll send you the .pdf file.


Bachelor Thesis

Last friday, I submitted my bachelor thesis titled¬†Real-time implementation of a tube preamplifier in order to distort discrete audio signals. I have written the thesis in cooperation with d&b audiotechnik GmbH. Working for d&b was very exciting and I’ve learned a lot about digital signal processing. Within the next few weeks, I’ll present some of the results of my work on this website.