Live Appearances

Only a small update today. I’ve just added some of my past and upcoming live appearances in the Passion section.

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phi-L Audio goes Android

Yeah, my first attempt at Android programming is online! I’ve built an Android version of the speed trainer metronome phi-X. The app can be found here. I’ve tested the app with Android version 2.3.6 as well as different emulators. So it should run stable on your Android smartphone, too. If not, please report any bugs and problems via email.

64-bit Version of Tube Preamp VST Plugin Online

Due to lots of requests, I’ve build a 64-bit version of the Tube Preamp VST plugin. It’s downloadable from the concerning page.

Unfortunately, I’m very busy at the moment, so I wasn’t able to do lots of testing or bugfixing. Hopefully, I’ll find some time to rework the algorithm in spring, when my exams are over. Until then, feel free to download the plugin and test it. Please report any bugs via email!

Download Links Moved

All projects are no longer hosted at google code. The files moved to a dropbox webspace. Note that the google code project pages will be deleted in a couple of weeks. Please report any non-working link via email.

Unfortunately I’ve got only little time for new stuff at the moment, since I’m working on different projects for my master studies. Right now, we’re doing some Android app development, which is quite cool. So I’ve got already some ideas for android audio applications…

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Harry Lime Is Ready To Rock!

As already mentioned in my last post, I was working on an analogue guitar amplifier during the last months. Today, I’ve tighened the last screw – the amp is finished! It’s a small combo amplifier with three tubes and a 10″ speaker. The name of the amp is Harry Lime. I’ve made some pictures of the building process, you can watch them on the project’s page.

Next big project will be a complete rework of the effect software phi-T Effect/S. Hopefully, I will be able to release an update soon. Stay tuned!

Tonestack Emulation VST Plugin Released!

I’ve built a nice small VST plugin in, that does nothing but emulating the tonestack of a well-known amplifier manufacturer. A short abstract of the algorithm can be found in the Research section. Again, the plugin is available for free, comments are welcome. Hopefully, someone finds it useful.

Furthermore, I’m currently working on an analogue tube guitar amplifier. The amp is almost ready and sounds absolutely great. Next step will be building the casing. Pictures will follow soon!