Harry Lime

Harry Lime is a full-tube guitar combo amplifier. The amp consists of a gain stage with an ECC83 triode as well as two single-ended power stages connected in parallel. One power stage uses a 6V6, the other an EL84. Between preamp and power amp, there is a Marshall tonestack for sound adjustment. The electronic circuit is based on Tube-Town’s TT-SAM MKII. The sound comes from a 10” Celestion speaker. Besides that, there is an output to connect an additional speaker with at least 12 Ohms.

The casing of the amp is made of 1 mm thick sheet metal. I’ve designed a DXF file of the casing. If someone needs this file to cut the casing by machine, just drop me an email. The shell of the combo was built with 19 mm thick MDF.

Summary: Harry Lime is a very well-sounding living room amp. To be honest, I was pretty amazed of its nice and warm sound. The sounds go from clean to blues but also dirty overdrive at high volume. Last but not least, it was a lot of fun to build it.

Pictures of the building process can be found below.


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