phi-X (Android)

phi-X Android

On this page you find the Android app phi-X Metronome. phi-X is a metronome with speed trainer. It increases or decreases speed within a certain range of bars. Depending on the adjusted metre, the first beat of each bar is accentuated.

The app is built for Android SDK 15 (version 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich). The minimum required version is SDK 8 (version 2.2). To get the app, simply scan the following QR-code with your smartphone. The app will then be downloaded. Clicking on the downloaded .apk file will install the app on your smartphone. Please ensure, that “installation of non-Market applications” is allowed on your smartphone.

QR Code phi-X.apk

Alternatively you can download the .apk file here. You have to copy the downloaded file to your smartphone. Once the file is on your smartphone, the app can be installed by clicking on the file.


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


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